Mobility Scooters, Lancashire

Get Mobile with C&C Mobility’s Range of Mobility Scooters

Get Moving with Mobility Scooters from C&C Mobility, Lancashire

Take-Apart Mobility Scooters

Easily transportable, our range of Take-Apart Mobility Scooters are perfect for those looking to remain mobile and active. Our scooters can be quickly assembled and disassembled – meaning you can take it with you wherever you go. With our range of scooters, you can get around quickly and efficiently, making it easier than ever to get where you need to go.

New and Preowned Folding Mobility Scooters

Our Folding Mobility Scooters are designed to make transportation of your scooter easier than ever. We have a range of new and preowned scooters, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect scooter for your needs. Our scooters are lightweight, portable and have a long battery life – making them perfect for those looking to remain mobile and active.

New and Preowned 4 & 8 mph Mobility Scooters

At C&C Mobility, we have a range of new and preowned 4 & 8 mph Mobility Scooters. Our range of scooters are perfect for those looking for an efficient, reliable and safe mode of transportation. Our scooters are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience – making it easier than ever to get around..

Why Buy your Mobility Scooters from C&C Mobility?

C&C Mobility is the leading provider of quality mobility scooters in Lancashire, UK. With over 12 years’ of experience, our team of experts provide tailored solutions to meet all your needs. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • A wide selection of models: Our range includes lightweight and powerful outdoor models, giving you plenty of options to suit your lifestyle and terrain.
  • Comprehensive services: From expert advice to installation and repair services, you can count on us for a comprehensive service that meets your needs.
  • Quality products: All our products are made with quality materials and are tested for safety to make sure you get the best possible product.
  • Unbeatable prices: We strive to give you unbeatable prices on our mobility solutions so that you can stay mobile without breaking the bank.

Mobility Scooter FAQs